Pizza cravings, and resolutions

So, as many Americans, I began 2013 with a vow to eat healthier and lose weight. Now, as a food, wine and travel blogger, this is exceptionally difficult – but I’m going to do it!

To help me along the way, I downloaded My Fitness Pal on my iPhone – you can also use it online at It’s been extremely helpful, letting me log in everything I eat, and a huge variety of exercises (even just walking leisurely!). I haven’t had a food item and dish yet that wasn’t in the database. I also discovered today that you can scan the barcodes of your food and it will automatically be entered in! I also love the feature at the end of the day that tells you what your weight would be if you continued on at that pace… (well I liked that once I started the actual dieting!)  There’s also a social aspect where you can watch your friends’ successes and even comment on them to give and get encouragement. I talked my mom and dad into joining me as well.

All of that said, a recent survey found that Americans think it would be easier to give up Facebook than Pizza. And I can’t help but agree. It’s only been 8 days since I started this venture, and I’m tempted multiple times a day by the pizza shops on every corner. So far, I’ve been able to satisfy those cravings with Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones pizzas, or the english muffin pizzas I can make at home. I also read that Sbarro now has a “Skinny Slice” with only 270 calories! For all those who can afford to splurge, or have already given up, I wrote this examiner article: Giving Up Facebook Easier thatn Giving Up Pizza.

For now, I’m staying the course, and am 2 pounds lighter! Stay posted for any secrets I learn along the way…

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