Are you a last-minute traveler?

Well… you’re not alone. Nearly 60% of travlers reported waiting to book their travel because they’re afraid they’ll miss out on deals during the holiday season, according to a survey from What’s more nearly three-quarters of travlers say they’re heading to warmer weather this year, according to FlipKey. As you probably already know, I’m one of that remaining quarter of people who will be flying into colder weather. Here I come Columbus. (I may not be a last minute ticket-buyer, but I am a very last minute packer!!!!)

Whether you plan to stay home, make a road trip, or fly somewhere to be with friends and family, there are still some great travel deals to be had. Check out my latest examiner article, where I compiled some of the best deals out there! Last-minute holiday travel deals.

(PS: FlipKey also has a bunch of other fun holiday travel facts….Check them out here: Infographic. Very cool!)

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