Burger and Beer Deal to Try

For New Yorkers, being on a budget is practically a necessity. But, it doesn’t mean you have to do without- you just have to look for the deals. For those craving a dining out experience without emptying your bank account, head to The Orchard House on the Lower East Side (146 Orchard Street, 212-777-8600) for a beer & burger special, priced at a wallet-friendly $9.

Beginning Monday, August 27th and available every Mon – Fri from 5 -7pm, the special includes a classic beef burger with lettuce and tomato (additional toppings available for an extra charge) plus any beer of choice from the menu.  Pair this with the restaurant’s ambiance, which features front glass doors that completely open to reveal an airy setting, and you’re in for a relaxing late-summer meal.

Bon appetit!


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