Summertime Seafood

Summer is in full, fierce, force here on the island of Manhattan. It’s not so much tropical, more like stifling. When it’s 101, with 90% humidity the last thing you want to do is eat something heavy, creamy or steaming hot. That’s where seafood comes in.

We’re blessed here to have a wonderful Farmer’s Market in Union Square, that carries an incredibly fresh selection of seafood and all the produce you can imagine to go with it.   Just last week my friend Jackie treated me to some delicious steamed lobster from the Farmers market, and a seemingly endless plate of shrimp cocktail from whole foods. Add some, sweet, buttery corn on the cob and just-plucked string beans – and we feasted the night away.

If you prefer to have someone else do the work for you, there are number of amazing seafood restaurants nearby. One of the newest is a quaint multi-story crab shack called Brooklyn Crab in Redhook Brooklyn. The wait is extreme, but it’s worth it. You’re practically on the water and can enjoy everything from just-out-of-the-sea oysters to steamer pots and even a complete lobster dinner – bib and all. I had the fried clams… mmm!

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