Vineyards & food… just another day in Tuscany

Today was a wonderful, informative, exhausting day. We visited three wineries, had tastings and had multi-course meals at each. I’m so happy I brought dresses to wear, because I’m pretty sure I no longer fit in my jeans!
We started at the Campriano vineyard, where we got to help make gnocchi. I don’t want to brag, but apparently, I’m a natural when it comes to rolling the dough. That said, my talent ends when it comes to using a knife.

My first gnocchi lesson

We combined the tasting of 6 amazing Chianti Colli Senesi wines with the most amazing food yet, including the homemade gnocchi, which was a food-gasmic experience. The gnocchi I’ve had in the past has been chewy and often pasty, but this was the real deal. Each pillowy bite, drenched in a parmesean cream sauce, melted in your mouth.

I helped roll these!

The final gnocchi product... now it just needs to be cooked!

Lunch is served... of course it didn't end here! Dish after dish continued to come out of the kitchen including wild boar pate, salumi, truffle pecorino cheese and honey, and a gorgeous chocolate cake.

Some of my favorite wines so far...

Each batch of this particular Chianti Colli Senesi highlighted the climate from that year. Both the 2006 and the 2001 Riserva’s by producer Ranuccio Neri had nearly perfect weather and climates to make for an ideal harvest, resulting in some of the best wines I’ve had yet.
Following Campriano, we headed to the Fattoria Montepscini winery, where they make some white wines in addition to the traditional Chianti Colli Senesi’s of the region. We were lucky enough to get a hands-on field-trip to see the harvest.
The next stop was Fattoria Campopalazzi winery (check out the View from Fattoria Campopalazzi), which from what I understand works in tandem with Fattoria Montepescini. We were not only lucky enough to have a tasting with the producers, but we also got to celebrate the end of the harvest with everyone involved and have a special sneak preview of  two new wines. Both were approachable and drinkable and paired beautifully with the homemade dinner and local goat cheese that we were served. It was also a delight to be with the entire “family” of winemakers. They were a boisterous bunch, and it made me reminisce about being home in Ohio during Thanksgiving with the whole family.
Short post tonight – we have an early morning tomorrow! Stay tuned for more from San Gimignano!
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