Bon Appetit announces best new restaurants in America

From Austin, TX to right here in New York City (well, Long Island City, Queens), Bon Appetit magazine announced the best new restaurants in America.

I haven’t had the pleasure of dining at any of these delicious-looking¬†establishments on the list, though I’m going to add them to my¬†wishlist for my future travels. There are few other restaurants I thought should be contenders. Too bad we couldn’t have a top 100 list!

What is your favorite restaurant in your hometown? What would you have liked to see added to the list?

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  1. Eye Floaters says:

    When it come to fish, I think the Pike is the best tasting. I’m not a big fan of eating frozen food from far away. If it’s cold, I’ll eat it anyways! Fishing is the most complicated sport, and worth every second of it!

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