San Diego Day 4: Beach Bums

This is as close as you'll get to seeing me in a bathing suit!

Today was the perfect day. I woke up, ate free breakfast at the hotel (make your own waffles… mmm…) and then went to Moonlight Beach. And yes, I took an umbrella with me. 

Michelle and I read, napped, people-watched, laughed, ate – all from the comfort of the umbrella shade. I got my share of vitamin D without any of the nasty side effects! We even got brave and ventured into the ocean up to our knees. There were some good waves – Michelle got whomped once! There was way too much seaweed though – it kept getting tangled up around our legs, making me shreek and dance around like I was on fire.

After the beach we took a dip in the pool, had some sake and sushi at the restaurant next door, Tomiko (I convinced Michelle to try a California roll, and she hated it! She like the edamame though!) and then we went to Bucca Di Peppo for the rehearsal dinner.

All in all, it was the perfect day. What will tomorrow bring?

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